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October 18, 2023

Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Every year, the MWCT running team consists of passionate people who believe in the preservation of the Maasai indigenous community and its unique ecosystem!

While MWCT has succeeded in being less and less dependent on philanthropy, through our tourism and carbon credits, challenges like the severe drought we are still experiencing, now El Nino knocking on our doorstep, and what we consider a biased and ill-motivated campaign against REDD+ carbon credits, demand that we make this Marathon campaign a success to keep our programs running!

Our runners hit the pavement in New York City on November 5th, 2023!

100% of the raised funds go directly to the Conservation, Education, Health, and Livelihoods programs that service the local Maasai community on Kuku Group Ranch.

Your support is a huge contributing factor to our future success.

Help us reach our $30,000 goal

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