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March 31, 2023

Unlock Your Creativity In The Heart Of The Savanna

Recent studies show that 33% of adults globally feel overwhelmed, with a similar proportion of people feeling dissatisfied with their lives. This is closely linked with the upward trend of creative pursuits to destress and millions of adults looking to find happiness outside traditional realms. From adult coloring, free journaling, to mindful movement – the global shift speaks to a clear desire to disconnect from the status quo and reconnect with one’s true self. Habitas Namibia has crafted an innovative three-night experience that aims to leverage the power of nature to help guests slow down and unlock their true creativity.

“A core pillar of our philosophy at Habitas is to nourish the soul. Beyond inviting guests to disconnect, we want to allow guests to experience the true power of nature. This is why we’ve crafted a short yet powerful experience for guests to channel their creative energy from the natural world at our home in Namibia,” says Matheus Amuyela, lodge manager at Habitas Namibia.

The immersive experience takes place at the luxury wilderness getaway, 40 minutes outside Windhoek and a short flight from Cape Town and Johannesburg. The program is crafted to tap into the power of the arts including captivating safari drives to get up close and personal with nature, free-style painting in the bush, sunrise yoga and meditation, and even a natural spa treatment to completely unwind.

Matt further explains that “the constant noise of everyday life can make it difficult to hone in on what truly drives you and what kind of creativity lies within you. Three nights is enough to reinvigorate the soul and ignite creativity, but what you leave with you will carry with you forever.”

Whether you choose to take the journey alone, take it with a partner, or even a close group of friends it is a holistic reset that allows you to experience some of the best of what the Namibian desert has to offer.

For full program details and to book visit here or email Reservations

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