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July 18, 2022

What makes Lion Camp Unique?

Lion Camp is a hidden gem located in the northernmost reaches of Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, one of the best places in Africa for an authentic wilderness safari. Being away from the park gates, we provide safaris as they should be – abundant game viewing with few other vehicles.

Easily accessible from Mfuwe Airport. Lion Camp operates from May to October in a pristine ecosystem and provides the perfect blend of authentic bush adventures and luxurious comfort.

The lodge is elevated above the Luangwa Valley floor with a ‘tree house’ aesthetic, linking the bespoke canvas and thatch suites with a central winding walkway. All the suites have spectacular panoramic views of the oxbow lagoon and feature private shaded decks at each suite, ensuring the ultimate privacy.

Why Lion Camp?

• Lion Camp is in one of the most remote wildlife areas in Zambia, where the focus is on our wildlife heritage preservation
• It is easy to get to, but far from the bustling areas
• It offers the perfect balance of authentic bush with supreme comfort
• The experience includes 5 guides and 5 game vehicles – with or without a roof to provide flexibility
• Lion Camp offers a range of flexible wildlife activities
• Our bespoke personalized dinner service is paired with top-end estate wines
• The suites are standalone with unobstructed views and privacy
• Lion Camp is 100% self-sufficient – this includes: purified borehole water, 24-hour electricity generated by our solar farm and
backup batteries, waste is processed at our on-site incinerator and glass is delivered to a community glass processing plant
• Evening Breeze – in-room temperature cooling system
• Our raised walkways link the suites with the pool, restaurant and on-site hide, so guests have more ease of access to all public areas
• There is a photographic studio on site

Set of values

We are driving our decision-making through a new set of values

• Truly Sustainable – our focus is on protecting the entire eco-system that supports the abundance of wildlife and diversity of species to preserve the ecological balance
• Authentically African – we are focused on sharing the very best of Africa with our guests
• Modern Zambia – we are supported and enabled by a professional team of wonderful Zambians, full of humour with a genuine
approach to high-quality service and care
• True to Our Promises – guided by solid principles and ethics in everything that we do

Focus on support

We support a number of outstanding organizations doing great work in the Luangwa Valley

Conservation South Luangwa

CSL has Zambia’s first detection dog unit and runs extensive human-wildlife conflict mitigation initiatives and law enforcement programmes.

Zambian carnivore programme

Researching and mitigating threats to
all major large carnivore species through monitoring, hands-on de-snaring, education, and training.
Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre
Chipembele runs inspirational programmes teaching children to protect, value and conserve the local wildlife and Bio Carbon Partners Works with rural communities to protect Zambia’s vital forests and iconic wildlife, in order to preserve the habitat for future generations.

Pack for a purpose

Helping you to work out what you could bring that will directly benefit the local community

Sustainability and preservation

We now offer a new chapter, where sustainability and preservation are at the heart of everything, in an understated and non- commercial way

1. Our environmental focus

• We refurbish the camp annually with sustainable materials where possible
• We remodel old furniture
• We reduce waste
• We protect our Zambian forests
• We primarily are solar powered
• We are carbon-neutral certified

2. Our social focus

• Supporting local communities through employment and skills development by offering in-house and international training programmes
• Contributing and supporting the Conservation South Luangwa project as well as involved in anti-poaching projects and community education programs (www.cslzambia.org)
• Contributing to Chimpembele Education Funds – training children in wildlife protection programs to fully understand the value of wildlife in Zambia (www.chpimbele.org)
• Financing and leading the rebuilding of the local chiefdom clinic in the Mkasanga area as there are no medical facilities in this remote region of Eastern Zambia – medical staff will be trained to operate this facility effectively once built
• Financially support the Mkasanga Hope Foundation
• Financially support 6 orphans in our community with all their schooling requirements
• Sponsoring 2 staff children to attend university in Zambia

3. Our economic focus

• Buying local and supporting local entrepreneurs – this includes fresh vegetables and unique locally produced crafts
• Encouraging guests to visit local outlets
• Partnering with other local organizations
• In the future our plan is to support local talent more and expand our impact

4. Board members

• Lion Camp’s owner is on Birdlife Global Advisory Group, Founder Patron.

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