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April 7, 2022

C Privé Luxury Safaris defines the discovery of luxury photographic safaris

C Privé Luxury Safaris defines the discovery of luxury photographic safaris in a private and exclusive environment. Our services focus on delivering excellence to our clients.

The word “Privé” comes from French, meaning ‘private’ – an appropriate name for a company that strives to deliver a private experience to its clients.

A successful Safari is only possible when specific criteria are met such as visiting the top Game Reserves, staying at the finest Lodges available and using the best form of transport to get there. One of the most important criteria however, is the overall experience lived during the Safari. C Privé Luxury Safaris has the added convenience of enjoying your Safari with or without a Private Guide. We promise to deliver a first –rate experience by planning your Safari holiday, from the very beginning all the way through until the end.

If you decide to enjoy the company of a Private Guide, then C Privé Luxury Safaris provides the advantage of both an English and French speaking guide. Your Private Guide is fluent in both languages and together with his exceptional knowledge of African Wildlife will provide an exciting and educational adventure for both English and French speaking clients.

Why decide to use a Private Guide:

A private Guide that understands a client’s personal preferences and needs during their Safari holiday grants them several advantages –
• An overseas client visiting for the first time can rest assured that everything will be coordinated to suit their liking.
• Birding and photography are just some of the added skills C Privé Luxury Safaris Private Guide specializes in, assisting in making every Safari extraordinary.
• The Guide will work closely with the Lodge and its staff ensuring that the client’s needs are met and maintaining their unforgettable and successful experience.
• Creating memorable moments is C Privé Luxury Safaris forte, whether it be watching the sunset over a river with cocktails or a candle lit dinner under the stars, we know how to make it special!

About your Private Guide: Cedric Dalais, Founder of C Privé Luxury Safaris, first began his professional career in the Hospitality industry working in both Mauritius and the Maldives. Cedric’s passion for people and creating unforgettable experiences for them has always been a priority in his career. His true passion for the African Bush was however discovered when moving to South Africa 12 years ago.

With over 15 years’ experience and knowledge in Hospitality and African Wildlife, allows his clients to share his passion for African and all the amazing places it has to offer. On top of that, Cedric also enjoyed some freelancing as a guide and presenter for Wild Earth during live safaris on Social Media and Television.
Cedric is ready to help you discover your dream Luxury Safari Holiday.

E: Cedric / Gwen
T: +27 82 082 0318
W: C Privé

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