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March 30, 2022

Classic Zambia Safaris

Classic Zambia Safaris is one of the few remaining owner-run operations in Zambia, a country with one of the richest wildlife heritages on the African continent. Our camps are located in the heart of two of the leading national parks in Zambia and are the perfect spots from which to explore and experience African wildlife at its very best.

We are a new company, but only by name, not by experience. Classic Zambia came about after the Directors of the already existing and successful companies Jeffery and McKeith Safaris, based in the Kafue National Park, Tusk and Mane Safaris, based in the Lower Zambezi and Reel Nature Ltd (a mobile safari and film crew fixing and support company), saw the joint-goals and shared cumulative benefits of becoming one entity as being greater than continuing in isolation.

The ‘new’ Classic Zambia aims to not dilute the products which have been successful to date but build on them. Behind the scenes, the merging of the three originating companies has allowed us to reduce costs, time and effort in the logistics and Lusaka-based ‘behind-the-scenes’ operations. As Tusk and Mane Safaris and Jeffery & McKeith Safaris independently have grown in occupancy levels in the past seasons, we saw more and more agents and guests looking to combine both experiences and both parks in safari itineraries. It was becoming evident that the shared ethos of the respective owner-run operations, a similar emphasis on the high quality guided experience and being seen as the ‘new generation’ of classic Zambian bush-camp-based safaris here in Zambia was becoming more sought after.

One of the best aspects of our safaris is the variety of experiences on offer; whether it’s a love of photography, walking, big game or just wanting to feel a little closer to nature, we’re here to provide the best possible safari and make it your trip for your memories.

Why Classic Zambia?

Prime Locations
The high density of large carnivores
Owner Run
From reservations to in-camp guiding
Quality Guides
Some of Africa’s finest
Ease of Booking
Internal logistics and transfers covered
The reason we exist

Musekese Conservation is a Zambian organisation working with the Department of National Parks & Wildlife in the Kafue National Park. The project’s primary focus is capacity building for effective conservation outcomes, providing resources and technical support for law enforcement, research, and community-based natural resource management. The goal is to contribute to the preservation of wildlife and habitat, whilst promoting sustainable livelihoods for the communities living within and around the Kafue NP.

The work of Musekese Conservation would not be possible without the tourism operations of Classic Zambia, the revenues from which have allowed the establishment, building and continued operations of the project – conservation tourism in action. Please do check out our website for more information on Classic Zambia, Musekese Conservation and how unique and trail-blazing the relationship between the two organisations are.


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