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March 28, 2022

Maun Delta Helicopters – Sister company to Cape Town Helicopters

Based at the doorstep of the mighty Okavango Delta, what a better way to experience in all its splendour than from the air with us in one of our helicopters.

The Okavango Delta is a unique swampy inland delta in northern Botswana. Its vast ecosystem is created as the Okavango River flows into the parched Kalahari Desert, and is a sanctuary for a myriad of species and ecosystems such as the Makgadikgadi paleolake.

It supports a large concentration of animals and birds. It is a World Heritage Site and one of the best places in Africa to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

A great way to experience this amazing area and have the best game viewing is with Maun Delta Helicopters.

What could be more indulgent than flying to a remote part of the Okavango with a group of friends or with a special person to celebrate a special occasion.

After a scenic journey, touch down on one of the many islands in the Delta. While you take in the sights, a beautifully set table, complete with white table cloth and napkins and a gourmet lunch will be set out before you.

Another memorable experience would be to fly over the Delta in the early morning and see the sunrise. Touch down and enjoy a coffee on one of the islands. Or a sunset tour and see the changing colours of the landscape and enjoy a gin and tonic from their onboard travel bar.

So Many Sites to Take in With Maun Delta Helicopters.

There are no adequate words to describe the incredible beauty of the landscape. It’s amazing enough to experience it on the ground but from the air, it surpasses all expectations.

Great herds of elephants, zebra, buffalo, antelope even wild dogs and lions can be seen on the move. It’s a photographer’s dream and the pilot will position the helicopter for you to get your best shot.

Maun Delta Helicopters offer several excursions from which to choose. These include 45 to 60-minute scenic flights over the Delta as well the longer Delta Experiences. Botswana is a big country and the Delta is not the easiest place to travel by motor vehicle and so Maun Delta Helicopters also offer Lodge Transfers.

The Delta Experiences are popular as they allow you to enjoy two experiences in one and the package may include flying over the Delta, landing on one of the islands, then do a walk with an experienced guide, or taking a Mokoro (a dugout canoe), with an experienced guide and glide through the crystal-clear water.

Flying in Comfort

All helicopters have wrap-around windows, are air-conditioned, and have Bose noise-canceling headsets so that you can converse with your pilot.

The Maun delta Helicopter team has years of experience and is part of a larger group of companies encompassing Cape Town Helicopters.



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